ARI Valve Corporation
ARI Valve Corporation
  • Type approval acc. to DIN 32730 for Fig. 440 and Fig. 440-D with FR 2.1
  • Optional direction for safety reset, Open or Close, as required
  • Protection class IP 54
  • 1 travel switch for Open and Close
  • Emergency manual override hand wheel
  • Additional devices available
Unit of Measure

Dia. Nominal

N/A 20 mm

Nominal Pressure

N/A PN 40


N/A Straightway


N/A FR 2.2 (2.2 kN)


N/A Parabolic

Body Material

N/A GG-25 GGG-40.3 1.0619+N 1.4408


N/A Flanged

Seat Dia.

N/A 21 mm

Standard Kvs Value

N/A 6.3 m3/h

Reduced Kvs Value

N/A 2.5 m3/h4 m3/h


N/A 20 mm

Closing Pressure- Bellow Seal

N/A 30.7 psi

Operating Time

N/A 69 sec.

Operating Time at Voltage Failure

N/A 5.5 sec.

Height [H]

N/A 754 mm


N/A 20.5 kg

Standard Valve Length- L

N/A 150 mm

Flange Dimension- Ø D

N/A 105 mm

Flange Dimension- Ø K

N/A 75 mm

Flange Dimension- n x Ø d1

N/A 4 x 14 mm

Actuator Motor

N/A 230V 60 Hz 230V 50 Hz 24V 50/60 Hz

Spindle Sealing

N/A PTFE-V-ring unit: -10°C up to +220°C PTFE-packing: -10°C up to +250°C Graphite-packing: -10°C up to +450°C Stainless steel bellow seal with safety stuffing box: -60°C up to +450°C


N/A Spindle Sealing

Flow Characteristic

N/A Linear Equal percentage

Positioning Ratio

N/A 50:1

Sealing: Seat/Plug- Leakage Class

N/A Metal / Metal-Leakage class IV acc. to DIN IEC 60534-4 Metal / Soft substance-Leakage class VI acc. to DIN IEC 60534-4


  • Compact design
  • Precision guided spindle
  • Roll hardened spindle
  • Plug sealing to conical edge of seat
  • Positioning ratio 50:1
  • Spring-loaded PTFE-V-ring packing unit
  • Double wall bellow seal
  • Mechanical position indicator
  • Free of asbestos

N/A Standard:
Parabolic plug, metal sealed.
Special design:

  • Parabolic plug, soft sealed (max. 200°C)
  • Parabolic pressure balanced plug, metal sealed, Material of piston seal
  • PTFE with stainless steel spring (max. 200°C)

  • N/A

    • Refrigerant
    • Cooling water
    • Warm water
    • Hot water
    • Thermal oil
    • Steam
    • Gas

      - other applications on request

    • C ∈ - marking for applications acc. to Pressure Equipment Directive (identification obligation from ≥ DN32 for valve without safety function)