ARI Valve Corporation
Stop Valve with bellows seal. Maintenance-free.
Globe Valve with butt-weld ends
  • DIN-DVGW-registration
  • Test approvals TU.A/TUV.AR 186-00
  • TRB 801 No. 45
  • Double wall bellow seal as standard
  • Size 1/2 inch - 3 inch spindle with fine thread as standard
  • Lubricating nipple as locking device as standard
  • Spindle with bellows seal
  • Secondary sealing; gland packing
  • Position indicator as standard
  • Non-rising handwheel
  • Non-rotation lock for each nominal diameter
  • External spindle thread
  • Spindle with rolled thread
  • Hardened seat and plug

Unit of Measure

Model No.

N/A BR 066

Dia. Nominal

N/A 5 Inch

Dia. Nominal

N/A 127 mm

Nominal Pressure

N/A PN 40 bar


N/A SA 216 WCB


N/A 60.6 lbs


N/A 363

TA-Air TUV Test No.

N/A 088-945053

DIN-DVGW-Reg. Test No.

N/A NG-4313AO 0776

Overall Width [L acc. to DIN]

N/A 15.75 Inch

Dimension H2

N/A 16.34 Inch


N/A 11.81 Inch


N/A 1.26 Inch

Butt Weld Ends According to

N/A DIN 3239-1, Form 2

Butt Weld End- Dimension L

N/A 15.75 Inch

Butt Weld End- Ø d2

N/A 5.55 Inch

Butt Weld End- Ø dp

N/A 5.14 Inch

Butt Weld End- Ø D

N/A 5.87 Inch

Butt Weld End- Dimension R

N/A 0.12 Inch

Butt Weld End- Dimension L1

N/A 0.71 Inch

Shoed Ends Pipe Connection-Welding Neck Flange Ø d

N/A 5.50 Inch

Shoed Ends Pipe Connection-Welding Neck Flange- Dimension s

N/A 0.16 Inch


  • Industry
  • Powerstations
  • Flue gas purification plant
  • Processing technology
  • Gas supply
  • Vapour facilities
  • Heat transfer oil
  • Recycling facilities
  • Vacuum plant
  • Ammonia
  • Hot water
  • Heating plant
  • District heating
  • Cooling and freezing systems
  • General plant manufacturing
  • Steam systems
    -other applications on request