ARI Valve Corporation
ARI Valve Corporation
Straight through control valve with post guided plug 1 to 8 inch.
  • Reversible pneumatic actuator
  • Actuator with rolling diaphragm
  • Air supply pressure max. 87 psi
  • Stem protection by bellow
  • Maintenance-free O-ring sealing
  • Assembly of additional devices acc. to DIN IEC 60534-6
Unit of Measure

Dia. Nominal

N/A 6 Inch

Dia. Nominal

N/A 152.4 mm

Nominal Pressure

N/A ANSI 300


N/A DP 33


N/A Straight through


N/A Post-guided

Standard Seat Dia.

N/A 5.91 Inch

Standard Cv-Value

N/A 462

Standard Travel

N/A 1.97 Inch


N/A Flanged Standard: - Form RF Option: - Form RTJ

Flange Dimension- Ø D

N/A 12.5 Inch

Flange Dimension- n x Ø d1

N/A 12 x 0.88 Inch

Flange Dimension- Ø K

N/A 10.62 Inch

Diameter A

N/A 11.8 Inch


N/A 25.6 Inch


N/A 313 lbs

Handwheel Diameter D1

N/A 11.8 Inch

Handwheel Height H1

N/A 11.2 Inch

Handwheel Weight

N/A 17.6 lbs

Valve Dimension [L]

N/A 18.62 Inch

Flanges according to

N/A ANSI B16.5

Shut off Class

N/A Metal Seat - Leakage Class IV acc. To ANSI / FCI 70-2 Soft seat - Leakage Class VI acc. to ANSI / FCI 70-2 (from Cv 1.2)

Reduced Seat Dia.

N/A 3.94 Inch4.92 Inch

Reduced Cv-Values

N/A For Seat Dia. 3.94, Reduced Cv: 185
For Seat Dia. 4.92, Reduced Cv: 289 gpm

Reduced Travel

N/A 1.18 Inch1.97 Inch

Stem Sealings

N/A Spring loaded PTFE-V-Ring unit PTFE-/ pure graphite-packing Bellows Seal with safety stuffing box

Operating Pressure at -20°F to 100°F (ASME B16.34)

N/A 740 psi

Operating Pressure at 200°F (ASME B16.34)

N/A 675 psi

Operating Pressure at 300°F (ASME B16.34)

N/A 655 psi

Operating Pressure at 400°F (ASME B16.34)

N/A 635 psi

Operating Pressure at 500°F (ASME B16.34)

N/A 600 psi

Operating Pressure at 600°F (ASME B16.34)

N/A 550 psi

Operating Pressure at 650°F (ASME B16.34)

N/A 535 psi

Operating Pressure at 700°F (ASME B16.34)

N/A 535 psi

Operating Pressure at 750°F (ASME B16.34)

N/A 505 psi


  • Compact design
  • Precision guided stem
  • Burnished stem
  • Tapered seat joint
  • Replaceable seatring and plug
  • Screwed seatring
  • Cv-values reducible up to 6 times
  • Rangeability 50:1 (1 - 6 inch), 30:1 (8 inch)
  • Post guided plug
  • Spring loaded PTFE-V-ring packing unit
  • Two-ply bellows seal
  • Travel indicator


  • Cooling water
  • Cooling brine
  • Warm water
  • Hot water
  • Steam
  • Gas
    other applications on request

N/A Standard:

  • Parabolic plug (1 - 6 inch), metal seat
  • V-port plug (8 inch), metal seat
Special designs:
  • Parabolic plug with PTFE soft seat (max. 392° F)
  • Perforated plug, metal seat
  • Parabolic pressure balanced plug (or perforated plug), metal seat; Material of piston seal: PTFE with stainless steel spring (max. 392 ° F)